Drinks & Inks

All ages, all levels welcome

Art Classes "In The Style Of" & Life Drawing - Every Saturday


Drinks & Inks


Who doesn't love hanging with creative types and having a tipple?


The drinks part - BYO booze or preferred drink or we have cafe-style drinks here for you. It doesn't have to be alcoholic, but if you want alcohol bring whatever you like!

The inks part - we get creative! Sometimes these will be led classes such as the "In the Style of" sessions, or led by guest teachers specialising in all kinds of different creative mediums. Sometimes we'll be doing life drawing and they're a bit more self-directed. But they're always social, casual and a great way to spend an afternoon.


Life Drawing


Our life drawing classes use models from around Newcastle. Different bodies, different shapes - everyone is glorious. 

Bring your own materials, BYO booze, and come and enjoy a chilled out sketching session. 

Artistic freedom at it's finest. If you need materials or want some instruction we can help with that too but these sessions are intended to be fairly self-directed so we're there if you need us and we curate the event a little bit, but you're at liberty to play with your mark makers as you see fit.


Art Classes - "In The Style Of"


Our art classes are open to everyone at all levels of artistic practice.

Got a fine art degree? Cool. Draw like a two-year-old? Awesome.

How good you are is not important. 

Our art classes are called "In The Style Of" because we focus on a different artist every class. We start the session off with a few introductions and getting to know each other, then we get into the bones of the artist in focus with a mini art history lecture on who they were, why they were cool, what they did and where they sit in the context of art history. Then we get down and dirty with their techniques and styles with an introduction to materials, mediums, and have a play with different art techniques. 

Think of it as an art book club except you don't have to do any homework.

We supply the materials, the afternoon tea, cafe-style drinks and the space to get creative without judgement. 

Maximum class size is 10 people - so they're nice and intimate, we have plenty of space to spread our mess out and we can let loose.


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