19 - 20 October
B.I.T.C.H. Convention

Being In Total Control of Herself.

1 Day women's empowerment workshop

5 expert speakers

Women helping women

Bonding, Inspiring, Learning, Sisterhood and Self-care.



Saturday 19 - 9am - 5pm

5 expert women delivering world-class workshops in:

Financial Independence

Achieving your Vision

Sexual Confidence

Dating & Relationships

Communication & Emotional Wellbeing


A full day of workshops designed to guide and empower women to be WHO THEY ARE and the best version of themselves.


  • 1 full day of Workshops and Expert Speakers

  • Lunch

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Morning Tea

  • Networking with amazing like-minded women

  • 15 minute one on one sessions with the coach of your choice 

  • Small group breakaways to really get into the groove of the lessons with some wonderful women

  • Workbooks and goodie bags



Milly is the host and director of Sen Events & Sen Smoulder Social Coaching. Milly's focus in each of the events she runs is on empathy, authenticity, integrity and fun. Her coaching focuses on confidence, communication skills and emotional awareness. She specialises in dating and social skills. Her aim is to help the world become kinder by increasing positive connection between people.


Cecilia Persson

From WAYFINDERQ. Living your Best Life

Creative empowerment, life design, personal branding and Transformational coaching.


Cecilia is an accomplished Artist, an experienced art director, a yoga teacher and a sought after transformational coach and an inspiring speaker. She is forever passionate in unlocking creative and vocational potential and co-creating with people who are ready for an authentic and an empowering transformation; to create a Bigger Life for themselves and to make a difference in this world.


Lauren works with women's sexual confidence and will be giving us a fun and cheeky introduction to sexual health, confidence and getting the most out of our sex lives.

Meet your teachers

Meet the extraordinary women that will be leading you through self-realisations, vision boarding, new knowledge and facilitating new friendships.


All the women speaking have very different perspectives and methods but all share the same fundamental values of:



equality for everyone 

positivity and optimism

We cannot wait to share our lessons with you and learn from you too as we all grow together.


Dee Faith, author of "The Dickhead List", is a comedian and women's empowerment coach. She is a powerhouse and an exceptional women's advocate.

Dee's dating coaching specialises in Online Dating and Dating Confidence post-divorce. She draws on her wealth of experience to help women believe in their own value and face the dating world with resilience, a sense of fun and builds skills to optimise every experience.


Andrea is passionate about helping women live magnificent lives believing too many of us have been caught in the rat race and settled for mediocre, or less! What if it could all be different for you? What if there really is a formula that can help you step out of the mundane and into the wonderful? 

She believes there is and she loves sharing it. Andrea is a Mum, a Certified Dream Builder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant with Mary Morrissey and The Life Mastery Institute, USA.  She also has over 30 years’ experience working as a professional in the Health Industry supporting people of all ages,  from all walks of life, and is now a Children’s Book Author, encouraging Parents and Children to Believe in themselves, their Dreams and Vision for their Lives. 

Andrea runs fun, interactive Workshops in Qld and NSW along with world-wide proven Coaching Programs and lives with enthusiasm and energy repeatedly witnessing her clients transform their lives over and over. 

Get ready for the weekend of a lifetime.

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