Meet the Team


Milly is the host and director of Sen Events. Milly's focus in each of the events she runs is on empathy, authenticity, integrity and fun. She also runs the free social group, The Spider Pigs, and spends her time split between Sen Events, her second business Blue Fairy, doing private dating coaching sessions, listening to podcasts on everything to do with brain science and relationships. 


Kathryn really doesn't like long walks on the beach. She hates sand. But she loves helping people connect and facilitating new relationships. We are calling her our very own Dating Architect. She is s brilliant Wingleader, upbeat and laid back she's got a special talent for making people feel comfortable. She's also our main Event Coordinator.


She believes diversity and equality are under-represented in the community in terms of what relationships look like and is motivated by her belief that everybody deserves to feel human connection.

She's also an ambassador for Pink Hope. You can read her story on their site here.


Nik is a head chef and master food craftsman as well as probably the most charming man in Newcastle. 


He has run many events with Milly for the Spider Pigs and for Sen Events. He is an exceptional host, he's kind to everyone and one of the best mates a person could ask for.

Nik's role at Sen Events include Wingleading and also is our very own private chef and event caterer. 

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