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Diversity Dating

Dating for the differently-abled.

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Love on the Spectrum

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Diversity Dating: Dating for the differently-abled.

Sen's specialist events help people who might have more difficulty than others in talking to people and flirting. Designed to be as friendly and approachable as possible, with limited sensory input, and dedicated wingleaders to be your instant friend on the night.

This event is limited to 6 couples - 6 women and 6 men - to make sure we have enough space, it doesn't feel too crowded and we have plenty of time for everyone.


You arrive and sign in. Get a drink at the bar and have a nibble of some food. Take a deep breath and say hello to someone new! 


The event will be structured like a speed-dating event where everyone will sit down in pairs and talk to a new person before rotating around the room. But it will be more flexible and less structured than a standard speed dating night - the conversation times will be flexible depending on how everyone is feeling and there will be plenty of time to mingle during the intermission and before the "speed-dating" conversations kick-off.


This casual evening is designed to be low pressure - you only get out of it what you are willing to put in. No one is going to force you to talk or to mingle, but we are there to help you get started. 

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