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Image by Bruno Ramos Lara
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2021 is the year for exploration, connection and expansion. Our shows feature local and emerging artist, many of whom have never exhibited at a gallery before. We showcase up and coming talent and provide a space for artists to connect with their audience and have space to display their work to the world.

Our exhibition themes centre around the experience of being human, the impact of humans on the world, and are tailored to fit around our school holiday and educational programming schedule. 

If you have work you would like to exhibit in any of the shows listed below please complete our artist submission form or email connect@senopsis.com.au with your portfolio or proposal.

9 February - 20 March: Saturation Point

Saturation Point is the point of overwhelm, the overstimulation, the brightness of saturation that we experience in contemporary life and pop culture. Think bright colours, bold shapes and windows into the souls of people as they process the overwhelm. 

23 March - 24 April: Sea of Life

Underwater landscapes, the environmental impact of humans on the ocean, an exploration into the depths of a world we may only visit and never truly inhabit. 

27 April - 5 June: Wild Women

This show explores gender expression in a contemporary context. It brings together intersectional feminism with a challenge to stereotyped gender identities and the construction of "womanhood". Our artists explore concepts of gender roles, gender expression, and empowerment. 

15 June - 10 July: Fauna

Native fauna and the relationship between human and animals with a focus on native animals.

14 September - 2 October: Class of 2020 - One Year On

Featured group exhibition by the graduates from the Newcastle Art School of the 2020 Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts.

3 October - 31 October: Reclaimed

The interaction between colonialism, consumption, and capitalism as the frameworks for the trauma of our current culture and how we can battle the negative impacts of this framework through community, upcycling, and recognition. 

1 December 2021 - 1 January 2022: Artisan Christmas Makers Market & Art Swap

In the lead up to Christmas, we want to provide a space for all the local artisans to showcase their wares - an extended art and craft market with all the gifts, beautiful things and creations from local makers for you to come and browse. Support local business, support local artists. A unique gifting and shopping experience. We will also be showcasing pieces from an event we run every month the 'Newcastle Art Switch.'

1 February - 28 February 2022: Jenepher Surbey

Featured solo show by Jenepher Surbey

1 April - 30 April 2022: Bodies in Motion

Dancing, writhing, growing, forming. Life drawing and portraiture is so often static. Static images of static bodies. Our portrait show flips the traditional portrait exhibition on it's head and makes it do it's own handstand. Bodies in Motion brings together abstracted bodies, moving bodies, kinetic sculptures and more.

Image by Mona Eendra
Exhibiting Options
Exhibtion hire has current availability for November 2021, January 2022, and March 2022
Hire a Hook


Perfect for solo exhibitions, paired exhibitions or for the artists who want to display their work without having to actually sell it if they don't want to. It provides the option of great exposure without hefty commissions.

Full Space Hire

Full space hire. This includes full exclusive use of the exhibition space for either 2 or 4 weeks.

1 Week Hire: $350 + GST

2 Week Hire: $600 + GST

4 Week Hire: $1000 + GST

The fee includes assistance with hanging and marketing to our database of your show on Facebook as well as listings on our website.

If you do want to sell your work through us we will charge a processing fee of 18% per artwork, which covers GST and processing fees.

Shipping and delivery of artwork to the customer is your responsibility or we can provide this for an additional cost.


Curated Exhibitions


Perfect for emerging artists or artists who don't have a larger body of work to exhibit. Single or multiple pieces can be submitted and we will pair your works with other artists' work that will bring out the best sides of everyone's art and make you all look amazing! 

Or if you do have a large body of work but don't have the hire fee and would rather work on commission we can work with that too.

Commission rates & inclusions

For each work you have available for sale we add on our fee on top of what price you want to get paid, so you get the price you want for each work sold. Our fee includes GST, processing costs and 20-25% commission.

Inclusion in our curated shows incurs a $100 artist contribution fee, payable on confirmation of participation in the show. This helps cover the cost of running the exhibition, marketing, and opening event.

The fee includes hanging, marketing to our database and socials, as well as listings on our website.


No-show inclusions

Join our online stable of artists.

Want to have your work listed in our online store but don't want an exhibition? We got an option for that too!

Commission rates & inclusions

Per work. Your work will be included on our website in our shop. This may be after you've had an exhibition and want to keep your work available through us, or you may just want to list your work without exhibiting. 

Fees include GST, processing costs and 25% commission, which is all added accumulatively on top of the price you would like for the works.

Additional fee: $10 - if you have not exhibited with us we require a $10 fee per work to cover administration costs. If you have exhibited this work with us the administration costs are included in your exhibition fees/commission.


Storage, shipping and delivery of artwork to the customer is your responsibility.

Image by Photo Boards

Submit your art


Ready to take the plunge and exhibit your art?

We have a variety of hanging and curated solutions for emerging and established artists.



Participate in one of our curated shows by submitting your work, along with your artist bio/statement if you have one and we'll pair your works with complimentary works so you have the best exhibition experience. Please collate your work into one pdf for upload for us to view and email it to connect@senopsis.com.au