Refund policy: 

If an attendee cancels more than 24 hours in advance of an event we can refund them. If the event is postponed or cancelled the attendees will be given the option of a refund or a credit or to move to the next event date. If the attendee attends an event or cancels on the day there is no way we can refund them. Depending on the issue we may give a credit for another event but that is at Sen's discretion.

Conflict and managing issues: 

If you experience any issues at the event - whether it is with another attendee or something about the event itself the best course of action is to speak to the host on the night to see if the issue can be immediately resolved. Alternatively, you can email or call Milly on 0420941945 and we can have a talk about options. If someone has breached our code of conduct on the night or after an event there is always something we can do so please don't keep it to yourself.

Gender balance - how many of each gender and how do we manage the balance?

At Speed Dating we run with a minimum 8 couples, maximum of 12 (usually it's 10 - 12 couples, 8 is very rare). If there are 2 or more men than women, or vice versa, the few days in advance I advertise only to the gender that is missing and I also have people who are on a list who are last-minute people who want to come if I give them free or cheap tickets so if there is a big discrepancy in gender balance the day of the event I can make those numbers up. So basically, there's usually even numbers and sometimes there's one or two more of one gender or the other. In those cases either I sit in - so no one is on their own and they get a free round of coaching if they want it, or there is a table with the excess of that gender and they get to make friends with each other instead.

At the Friday Mingles it's harder to manage the balance because many people buy on the door. We can get a fairly good idea of which gender we have more of based on the pre-sale tickets and if there is a discrepancy I advertise only to the gender with less ticket sales. Men are more likely to buy on the door and women more likely to buy in advance so I take that into consideration as well. Usually, the genders work out fairly even. We have had a couple of events where one gender will all turn up early and one gender will all turn up late - even though there is the same number of each in terms of ticket sales it can feel unbalanced. This is why I recommend everyone arrive before 8pm, so that you get to meet everyone and it doesn't feel unbalanced.

Age group: 

Friday Mingles event is open-ages and we usually get a very diverse crowd of people coming, it's like a bell-curve between people in their early 20s and early 60s with most people being between 35-50.


Type of people: 

Every event is so different, we have all kinds of people come along from every walk of life and every cultural background. Some weeks are more diverse than others but there are always lovely people so the chances of you finding someone you click with are fairly high.


Is it a very alcohol-focused event: 

not really. Yes it's at a bar and most people do drink, but very few people drink A LOT, some people don't drink at all. The event is focused on conversation, games and meeting new people. I have found that, generally, people have a couple of drinks to help them relax but most people want to stay clear-headed enough to get to know the people they're meeting without being drunk.


Do people actually find romance at these events: 

YES! Some people find it on their first event, some people find it at their 15th event but there are people at every event who meet someone special, or meet new friends - the more people we meet the better the chances of finding someone great (it's why I have to keep finding new people!).


Why Friday Mingles costs $25 but doesn't include a drink: 

The running costs for each event are different and so the price changes based on how expensive that event is to run - I try to keep the price as low as possible so that people can have as many opportunities to come along as possible, and many people don't drink alcohol or use their token so it's not fair for everyone to pay for a drink when they're not using them. The $25 covers the food, the musician (and it's important to pay people fairly for their work) or other entertainment, the staff and labour costs for the night, the business expenses and insurances, materials and props we use on the night and the profit means we can keep running the events for you.


Why is it more expensive on the door: 

It makes a huge difference to us to have estimated numbers and money to spend on the event in advance of the event, it means we can estimate how big the event is and how much food we need to buy, how many staff we need to put on, and whether it will go ahead. It also means we get an idea of the gender balance so we can promote more to one gender or the other to make sure there's a good balance of men and women in the room. It also means we have some capital to pay for the event itself (ie pay the musician, the venue etc) and make sure the deposits are covered without the business making a loss (which is important to keep the events running). SO we need some incentive to get people to pay in advance - which is why you get the discount if you buy online. Plus, it's much easier to sign in if everything's sorted out before you get to there.


Why we've stopped doing Speed Dating for over the 45s: 

The events for the 40s & 50s have a complicated history, which many of you are aware of, but fundamentally they aren't as financially viable because they take MUCH more time getting the gender balance right (the men are harder to get along to speed dating in this age group) and so we often end up discounting the men's tickets and regularly don't cover costs or have to reschedule events which disappoints a lot of people. The men instead have mostly been coming to the Friday Mingles and so in a bid to keep the events sustainable and fun for everyone, the Mingles has taken the place of the Speed Dating to service this demographic.

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