Hit the Town!

Speed dating,

meets pub crawl.

3 groups of men, 3 groups of women rotating in opposite directions around the first 3 bars, meeting a new group at each bar, before all 6 groups ending up at the 4th bar for a big party at the end.


Hit the Town! Singles Bar Hop is speed dating, meets pub crawl for singles in Newcastle. 

3 groups of men, 3 groups of women each rotating in opposite directions around the first 3 bars then all 6 groups end up at the 4th bar for a big party at the end. The night starts small - you get to settle in with your wing group of ten people who stay with you the whole night, so you have the opportunity to make friends and have some backup, and then you only meet ten new people at each bar when you're rotating. So by the time you get to the last bar, you have already met everyone and the crowd is not so overwhelming and you're ready for a big party.

There are three different events for different age brackets - one for people in their 20s & 30s, one for people in their 30s & 40s, and one for people in their 40s & 50s.

Join us for a fun evening of socialising, sipping on drinks and, who knows, maybe meet the love of your life! 







4 free drinks (one at each venue)


Food at each venue


Exclusive VIP party spaces at four of the hottest bars in town


A super fun night at an event unlike any other that has graced our fine city


The opportunity to meet men and women who want to get out in the world, have some fun and maybe even find love.


Each group of men and women, "wing-groups", will rotate between the first three bars, like you might revolve around tables at a speed dating night, except that it's not one on one.


So it's basically, group speed dating+bar hop+free cocktails ... um ... yes, please! 


Each wing-group will spend an hour at each bar with a different group before moving on to the next bar. After each wing-group has visited all three bars, everyone will move on to the fourth bar where we will all gather to have one giant party and flirt the rest of the night away.


Each wing-group will have it's very own wing-leader. Their job is to lead the way between bars and be your main help point for the night. Each venue will also have an expert Venue Host. Our Venue Hosts are experienced social facilitators and have all the admin covered, like having all your drink tokens, and will have unique games to play if the crowd wants them. So there will be tonnes of people around to help as well as all the single people ready to get flirty!


Milly is the host and director of SEN Events. Milly's focus in each of the events she runs is on empathy, authenticity, integrity and fun. She spends her time running a social group, The Spider Pigs, and listening to podcasts on everything to do with brain science and relationships. 


Joe Johnson is a graphic designer and artist who spends his time reading philosophy and adventuring in the outdoors. He's an exceptional entertainer and has an amazing ability to make the whole room feel like they're all his best friends. He is Milly’s leading man and partner in crime.


Nik Holt is a head chef and master food craftsman as well as probably the most charming man in Newcastle. He spends his time enjoying everything our great city has to offer and being an awesome dad. He has run many events with Milly for the Spider Pigs and for SEN Events.

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