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Meet the Team

Your Wingleaders (Event Hosts), and the people who make Sen.



Milly is the Dating Captain and owner of Sen Events. Milly's focus in each of the events she runs is on empathy, authenticity, integrity and fun. Milly runs all the workshops and private dating coaching sessions and steers the Sen ship. Having run weekly social events in Newcastle since 2015, and Sen Events since 2016, there isn't much Milly hasn't seen when it comes to dating and social interactions. She has done extensive research in Relationships, Interpersonal Psychology, Body Language, Communication, has a Bachelor Arts in Philosophy and English, a Bachelor in Art Theory & Management which taught her how to run events, interpret all forms of expression, and how to research and write accurate articles that we publish for you.

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Kathryn really doesn't like long walks on the beach. She hates sand. But she loves helping people connect and facilitating new relationships. She has been Sen's Dating Architect and COVID-marshall since 2020. She comes up with awesome event ideas, builds corporate collaborations, and makes sure every event is COVID-safe. Kathryn is largely the driving force behind getting Sen back up and running since COVID - so you can thank her that the events are still happening. She is s brilliant Wingleader and Event Host. She's upbeat and laid back she's got a special talent for making people feel comfortable. She strongly believes diversity and equality are under-represented in the community in terms of what relationships look like and is motivated by her belief that everybody deserves to feel human connection. She's also an ambassador for Pink Hope. You can read her story on their site here.



Emily is our fun-loving Assistant Communications Commander. In other words, she ensures all of the paperwork is done on the back-end so you can have the best experience at Sen’s events!

You may also occasionally see her floating around at some of the events helping out as a Wingleader! Emily is particularly passionate about having a platform to help people develop the tools to conquer social issues in the dating world. Emily loves to relax on the beach after a hard day of typing, she loves to help others, and also loves to spend time with her family. Emily will be your main point of contact for any administration enquiries (ticket sales, questions etc.).



Nik is a talented and charismatic Wingleader / Event Host, chef, waiter and security staff here at Sen Events. He also runs our kitchen, serves up all our tasty treats and drinks and uses his expertise as head chef across many of Newcastle and Brisbane's best restaurants to bring class and flair to Sen's events. He is also probably the most charming man in Newcastle. Nik has been a Wingleader with Sen Events since 2018 and has experienced all the highs and lows of the various events we've run over the years. This combined with his experience in Security means that he keeps us safe during bigger events, and can always make people feel secure. He is an exceptional host, he's kind to everyone and one of the best mates a person could ask for. 0420 941 945 | 3/810 Hunter St Newcastle West

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