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Find a subscription level that suits you on the plans and pricing page.

You can choose from free access for general content and advice, or you can include group-based support in our forum, and also additional group-based coaching sessions as well as special events and access to the home-based course, and finally, you can add in individualised support and coaching as well as all the above amazing content.



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Upper level members will be treated with monthly group-based online workshops as well as in-person optional workshop events as they move through the coursework program. At these events they can ask all their questions in a safe supportive environment, meet other members, build strong connections, and find their people. 

All members will have access to special discounts on Singles Events tickets and be able to network with all the other Singles in our member forum.

All members will also be able to attend exclusive quarterly Members-Only Singles Parties where you can put all your flirting lessons into practice and build strong friendships with other Singles in your local area.


Ever wanted to ask someone objective all the nitty-gritty questions about dating but don't want to ask your friends, or want to ask someone who actually understands the nuances of the new dating era? Milly and the team at Sen have done the hard yards, we've read all the books, we've dated all the people, we've used all the platforms and more importantly, we've done what individual experience can't do - we've watched thousands of people come through our events and dating programs and we understand what works, what doesn't and how to really get your social and dating life on track. 

Milly's dating program "Love Starts With You" has been used successfully by local Novocastrians for years, and now it's time to let the rest of the world join in a new style of dating program. Not one that focuses on gender or gender rules, not one that focuses on The Person Of Your Dreams and how to 'snag' them, but rather a person-centred positive approach to dating and relationship building that will see you creating connections, building confidence and getting the most out of a life that you love.

From guys who have never been kissed to women who need reconnecting with their sexual identities after children and divorce - our program works. It doesn't work because it fits everyone into a cookie-cutter 10-step program To Find Love. It works because it supports you in a process of self-reflection, and plans to develop life-fulfilment based on your own uniqueness, while learning how to accept everyone else's individual paths while you're at it.


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The Forum and Group Support work in two ways. One is a standard facebook group for members to connect with each other, prop each other up, and find friends. The second component is your specific group cohort of small numbers and of the same gender as you, so you can deep dive comfortably into conversations and have regular zoom catch-ups. Your cohort will join you for group-based coaching sessions and can be a great way to find your wingperson for attending live events with.


Ignite your inner fire, build a life you love and start to smoulder!

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