About me

Hi, Lovelies!

My name is Milly, I’m a social entrepreneur and recovered socially anxious person. I believe we all have the power to change our communities and our lives by actively participating and seeking change for ourselves. My main passion in life is increasing positive social engagements, reducing social isolation and helping people find their space with other people who understand and accept them in all their unique glory.


I have over a decade of experience coordinating events and training programs across the arts and education sectors. I have been running the Spider Pigs MeetUp social group since early 2015, hosting social events every Saturday night, and I have loved being a part of the Newcastle social community.


When I was living in Sydney I attended a number of Speed Dating events and always had a fun night. I went on some great dates, and I even made some life-long friends. A couple of years ago I went overseas to spend Christmas with a lovely man, a lifelong friend, whom I met speed dating in Sydney - so I know first-hand the value speed dating events can bring to our lives. The value isn't just in finding romance (although that is a real outcome), it's about finding people we connect with and expanding our networks. The broader our network, the higher the possibility we will find someone who will suit us romantically.

I have a double degree with honours in Arts and Art Theory with majors in English, Philosophy and Art History ... so I have spent more hours than I care to count ruminating on human nature, relationships and the tremendous expressive being that is humanity. But you never stop learning and the world never stops changing so I am constantly updating my education, studying new things and spending all my time reading and researching relationships, body language, neuroscience and psychology to frame my coaching practice with the most up to date science-based information.


I have tried my hand at all kinds of careers and thrown myself wholeheartedly into each adventure. I have been on more dates than I can count and have met such a beautiful and extraordinary sample of humanity. I feel fortunate that I have been able to find a way to share my learnings with all you lovely people through SEN events, my blog SEN Smoulder and coaching.


Looking forward to meeting you!


Love you all!



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