Sen's Philosophy

It's not just about finding a date, it's about finding your people.


All of Sen's events and coaching operate with three guiding principles: authenticity, integrity and empathy.

Sen's philosophy is that all people have value and all people have something meaningful to contribute to a relationship and that those relationships don't have to be romantic, they can be friendships, complicated friendships, sexy partners, true love, and any form of human connection. 

We put so much pressure on ourselves to live up to a cookie-cutter cultural standard of what relationships should be that we forget to appreciate the beauty in the variety of relationships that we have in our lives. Sen aims to connect people, to provide opportunity to find meaningful relationships, however that might look.



Finding love is about building deep connections between people, someone to feel at home with, who you can be yourself with. Sen is about expanding your network, making connections, and building meaningful relationships based on valuing individuality.



First impressions are about attraction but aren’t what make a person suitable for a relationship with you. Relationships, like anything of worth, take time and don’t happen instantly, but they all start with a spark and with a chance. Sen Events provides that chance. A spark. 


Sen's events are designed to be low-pressure, comfortable, welcoming and a little bit classy – the perfect environment to meet someone who matches you.


Come along to an event! Your host is with you every step along the way so that you get the most out of the event and so that you feel supported and relaxed.


We're in this together after all! 0420 941 945 | 3/810 Hunter St Newcastle West

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