Alisha Verlaan - Watercolor Fantasies

Alisha is a self-taught artist and illustrator specializing in watercolor-based artworks. She is a full-time mum to a beautiful little man and a part-time painter which she excels greatly at. Her artworks in the 'Wild Women' exhibition represent women’s equality and unity despite differences in all aspects of life.

She says: "Art is a part of who I am. Something I’ve always loved doing since I was little and a way for me to relax and unwind. I love being able to express my ideas, imagination, and passion through watercolor. I’ve been drawing since I was very little. The first drawing I can remember was of a horse when I was around 5. It’s been a natural way of expressing myself for as long as I can remember.

I love nature, bushwalks, exploring rock pools and I love all creatures, these are what I usually enjoy painting for myself and others. But I’m also a lover of Tolkien and fantasy books/movies in general. I’ve been playing around with watercolor for the past 5 years and fallen in love. It’s sometimes unpredictable, it can be soft or vibrant and I love its translucency."

The softness of the colour paired with the strong faces of these bold fantasy women makes these pieces so captivating and endearing. It truly shows the beauty of femininity and encompasses all that it entails. I especially love all of Alisha's pieces hung together on the gallery walls - showing all the different profiles of the face, it gives depth, definition, and insight into the beauty of a woman's face from all aspects.

We are so pleased to be displaying Alisha's work in our gallery and as part of our Wild Women exhibition.

Check out her works at:

Alternatively, you can check it out in the gallery or on our website at


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