Angie Parkes - The 'Mosaic Tragic'

Angie Parkes - where do we start?! She is a fun, crude, and unapologetic mosaicist. She hails originally from Swansea but now lives and creates in Carrington. She is a self-taught mosaicist who loves to celebrate the female form and put her 'Angie Twist' (as we like to call it) in her works and has been doing so for the last twenty years.

She says:

"I often refer to myself as a ‘mosaic tragic’- I live, breathe and often sleep mosaics! I have refined my art to where crockery and pre-loved objects dominate my works. Pique Assiette (mosaics) translates to ‘thief of plates’ however I no longer need stolen materials, as often people will leave their sadly broken heirlooms on my front porch! The unusual sits easily within my psyche lending itself to the weird & whimsical- why have one head when you could have 2 or 3? What’s wrong with 3 breasts, or a chimney- for a hothead?

I am also passionate about non-discrimination: I have taught kids ‘n adults, able-bodied and those with inherent or acquired disabilities and even instructed a young blind fellow!"

The quirkiness, the celebration of the imperfections, and the humour of Angie's pieces are what has us won over hands-down. She is funny, vibrant, and such a joy to be around. The way she can take an old salad bowl, a Makers Mark label, or a mug and turn it into something truly breathtaking and powerful with a strong message behind it is our very definition of a 'Wild Woman.'

We are so pleased to be displaying Angie's work in our gallery and as part of our Wild Women exhibition.

Check out her mosaics in the front window of our gallery or on our website at