"I am a survivor" - Helen Fenner

Helen Fenner is a survivor, a widower, and a wonderful artist. She is a born and bred Maitland lady and loves to express her feelings through her art. She creates the most amazing Lino Prints, in which she stitches to create a beautiful mixed media artwork. For this exhibition, she has curated pieces that reflect the different definitions of a 'Wild Woman.' She explores the importance and power of checking your breasts for lumps, the pain and sorrow behind a mother's tears, and the power we hold within ourselves (just to name a few of her works).

She says:

"I am a survivor of mental illness and a Widower as of 2018. Creating art has allowed me to express how it feels to have one door closed, then another one open, among many other things connected to the full scope of living a wild, modern woman’s life. I have found this has connected me to my power and strength. I find that when I express aspects of my stories, other people can connect too, which means I’m not alone or empty."

The detail, the power, the pain, and the emotion in Helen's works truly express a wonderful journey of a brave, strong, and loving woman. The stitching on her art is so precise and well-placed it is unbelievable. Helen is a wonderful artist, but an even more wonderful woman. We love seeing her works on the walls of the gallery when we come into work - it reminds us of the journey to becoming a strong and powerful individual.

We are so pleased to be displaying Helen's work in our gallery and as part of our Wild Women exhibition.

Check out her artworks in the gallery or on our website at