"I believe that the world deserves an oasis" - Amy Hedt

Amy is a Novocastrian artist and illustrator specializing in watercolor, ink, and gouache-based artworks. She is educated, a go-getter, and a sucker for experimentation when it comes to her art. Her artworks in the 'Wild Women' exhibition represent the whimsical side of nature and gender expression intertwined to form beautiful artworks.

She says:

"After discovering the work of Australian Artist John Wolseley, my watercolor journey began in

2003 with his art highly influencing my discovery into my own style. On a deep level, I related to

Wolsley’s work which showed the exploration of the natural world from the smallest beetles to vast

desert and wetland landscapes. This perspective of the environment is something that I share in

my work and my everyday life, appreciating the small moments that may escape notice.

I have been able to explore the use of mythology and fantasy in my work as a means of exploring my own

personal storytelling.

Through my exploration of both marine and earthen landscapes, I bring a sense of wonder and

peace to my audience that I often feel when submerged in the natural environment. I

believe that the world deserves an oasis, an escape from reality, and a place where one can

recharge their soul. I share my experiences and tell stories of these magical worlds to my


The lush greenery, the femininity of the flowers, the whimsy, the magic - it is all just so peaceful and truly provides such a calm oasis in the gallery (which trust me, we definitely need some days!). The fact that Amy's artworks can just make you stop, freeze in the moment, and transport you to such a beautiful place is truly amazing and just shows how much talent this artist has.

We are so pleased to be displaying Amy's work in our gallery and as part of our Wild Women exhibition.

Check out her works at:

Alternatively, you can check it out in the gallery or on our website at


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