"If I am being creative, I am happy" - Belinda Dorey

Belinda is a proud Novocastrian who grew up in Lake Macquarie and raised her family on Kangaroo Island during the late '80s. She is inspired by her passion for nature, with a particular interest in the ocean. She works mainly with pastels in her creative journey but has more recently transitioned to playing with oils, where she is settling in nicely.

She says:

"Although not formally trained, I’ve lost myself in drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. Somehow I always just knew that art was what I wanted to do. Dissuaded by my parents from studying art after leaving school as it “wasn’t a real job” I did the most creative occupation I could think of at the time and gained an apprenticeship as a Signwriter. Traditional style, sable brushes and paint, pre vinyl and computer days.

If I was being creative, I was happy."

Belinda was first introduced to pastels in the late '90s and instantly welcomed this medium with open arms. She instantly fell in love and spent every spare moment she could capturing the beauty of her surroundings on paper - predominantly working on seascapes, rivers, and the rugged coastlines of Kangaroo Island.

Belinda has one of her art pieces on display in the gallery and it is such a gorgeous and intriguing piece. It is one of the stand-out pieces on our walls and demands the attention of the room instantly. She has a beauty of capturing the ripple effects that the water makes when bodies are moving through it.

We are so pleased to be displaying Belinda's work in our gallery and as part of our Sea of Life exhibition.

Check out her works at:

Alternatively, you can check it out in the gallery or on our website at


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