Malvika.S - Blending Art & Architecture

Malvika was born in Bombay + Goa, India who as she says "is refining in Australia." She is an artist and a registered Architect, with a Masters of Architecture - intelligent and creative!

Through her art, she attempts to erase the line of Art & Architecture, Land & Water, and Art & Science by creating seamlessly blended patterns and shapes. Malvika's art to us displays the effortless movements that sea life creates through the water. All of her pieces have so much fluidity that it literally looks like it is dancing off of the page. Her passion for art started in her early childhood years, with her Grandfather being her biggest inspiration. Her Grandfather's constant encouragement led to her experimenting with different mediums of hand drawings, paintings and photography. Finally, she settled on a passion for Cyanotype, printing, 3-dimensional art, visualization and model making.

She says:

"This Sea Animalia series was a digital drawing series I started drawing for a friend’s Album Art Commission. From there I started to draw these and then experimented with Sun prints and now you can look at them how they have turned. The beauty of getting these artworks for yourself is that I’m not going to reproduce any of the artwork the exact same way, as also it is hard to recreate the same way as I am still learning how to control the Sun print."

We are so delighted to be displaying Malvika's work in our gallery and as part of our Sea of Life exhibition.

Check out her works at:

Alternatively, you can check it out in the gallery or on our website at


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