Nathan Davies - Exploring the Dangers of the Ocean

Nathan is a born and bred Welshman who made the travels to live in Australia. Through his travels, he found a passion for photography and decided to go one step further and purchase a drone. After this, he began to take photos of the local areas and developed a keen interest in marine life.

When we were talking with Nathan about getting him involved in the Sea of Life exhibition, he told us that he used to have no fear of the ocean and no concerns about sharks. But after taking aerial drone photos all around Newcastle and Port Stephens and there never being a shortage (especially through the winter) of sharks and sea life in the cold clear water he decided it might not be the best idea to go in the water after all. He also said how much it impressed him that there are so few incidents involving sharks or stingrays given how many there are in such close proximity to the shores where people are swimming.

We think his work, and his statements about the anxiety we have when engaging in the world under the sea really typify the duality humans feel about the ocean. That on the one hand it’s terrifying and full of creatures that could be potentially dangerous, but on the other hand, those creatures are just peacefully going about their day and living these beautiful tranquil lives right alongside us.

We believe that the danger of the ocean simultaneously attracts us and makes it all the more beautiful. Being in their world (the ocean) we believe gives us a sense of invincibility, like we can go into the water and come out unscathed time after time. This contributes to that feeling of power that all human beings crave so desperately.

We are so happy to be displaying Nathan's work in our gallery and as part of our Sea of Life exhibition.

Check out his works at:

Alternatively, you can check it out in the gallery or on our website at


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