Sen Ball - Bacchanalia - The Experience

It's deep dark secrets waiting to burst out and take over our steely city.

Let the raw energy and passion consume you.

The first thing you register is the beat.

It drowns out the world outside. You feel the beat beneath you, rising. It pounds in time with your heart.

It insists: Come, revel.

Next, a world of colours. Vibrant reds, lascivious crimsons and all the shades in between.

They whisper of passionate excitement, of ecstatic pleasures.

It shouts: Come, revel.

Scent swirls in your nostrils. Food, yes, plus the heady perfume of bodies and deliciousness.

It lures: Come, revel.

You smile under your mask. Let the Bacchanalia begin.

We are ready to be bold.

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