"The patterns in the world speak to the obsessive part of my brain" - Jenni Jones

Jenni is a Newcastle based photographer who has been viewing her world through a camera lens since 1977. She really enjoys the art of being able to capture light and shade on film.

Jenni was a wedding photographer and retired from that in 1995 to focus on raising her three beautiful children. When she purchased her first Digital SLR in 2009 she reignited her passion for photography - especially the colour of sunset and sunrise on the ocean.

She particularly loves the contradiction of the fluidity of the ocean against the rock formations and concrete surfaces of Newcastle Ocean Baths, combine this with majestic colours of sunrise and sunset, and is her happy place.

"Art is beauty, it makes you think, it’s light and shade and colour. Art is inspiring and it makes me feel good.

I settled on photography because it captures a moment in time, a moment of Mother Nature. I can manipulate a scene to capture the moment but also reflect a bit of chaos, that the world isn’t perfect. Shape and expression, reflections and colours.

The patterns in the world speak to the obsessive part of my brain.

I like finding the different angles on scenes we might have scene a million times, seeing the difference."

We are so grateful to be displaying Jenni's work in our gallery and as part of our stable of artists for the Sea of Life exhibition.

Check out her works in the gallery or on our website at


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