The patterns of nature within us - Jenepher Surbey

"Our World repeats itself in the patterns of nature. The fractals that cover the smallest plant to the edges of land against ocean. My print work looks down from above seeking to find and capture the repetitive in our natural world." - Jenepher Surbey

Jenepher Surbey has been quietly developing a huge body of work from her studio in Mayfield, with a focus on lino prints and ceramics. We have been lucky enough at SenOpsis to display both major themes of hers across our two exhibitions so far.

Our inaugural exhibition featured her ceramic pots, her vases that look like virus cells and bubble almost viscerally in forever glaze-frozen movement. These ceramic works explored the trauma she was experiencing during covid, and from what she told me, were an attempt to take control of the viral situation that was dominating our lives.

The current exhibition, "Saturation Point", features eight lino prints with ink and gouache that are part of her Google Earth series. They are unique, brightly coloured studies of the fractal patterns that occur in nature. One set, the microcosm of coral that feels also like it could be brains twisting around the page, vibrating as it evolves on the page. The correlation between coral and brains makes the viewer think of the patterns in the human body that are reflected in nature - we are not so separate as we think. The second set is taken from a google earth image of Sunderban National Park. The waterways that look like veins again suggesting the patterns of the world that exist within our bodies. The scouring of the lino mimics the carving up of the earth's surface as humans forget that they too are part of this natural world.

We are also lucky enough to have a collection of her "Self-care" bowls that are a part of the Google Earth Series the patterns are derivative of fields being farmed and blocks of suburban sprawl that are explored in more detail and colour in another set of lino prints that we hope to show during the Landscape exhibition later in the year.

Jenepher is a fascinating artist and person. She takes no prisoners. Tells it like it is, doesn't put up with bullshit, and is endlessly generous. She is the best dancing buddy in Newcastle and I am so thrilled I can FINALLY show her work after watching it evolve for so many years.

I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.


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