"There's a Nood for every mood" - Noods Creative

Noods Creative (aka Hannah Brien), is a local illustrator and visual communication designer. She began her journey from a place of smallness, grown from a seed of vulnerability into a blossoming flower of courage, pride, and soft endearing confidence. Through her art, she celebrates our perfect flaws, unique complexities and emotional diversity.

She says:

"Art for me is a wordless narrative of life, envisioned complexity of thoughts and provoking questions.

It is a visual exploration of feeling tied together with passion and skill.

However, art is wholly subjective and so my own embodiment of art is created by and tied to what resonates with the heart. My favorite kind of art is deeply conceptual, emotionally visceral, and aesthetically beautiful.

As a young child, my journey with art started with the simple joy of mastering a newfound talent. Finding a skill that was enjoyable and allowed creativity and imagination to grow.

As I got older and became more self-aware, art helped me to explore a myriad of emotions and gain greater insight into my own sense of self. It provided me with an expressive outlet that became an integral part of my life. Presently, I continue to explore the nature of the human condition, the weird, wild, wonderful, and sometimes woeful complexities of self.

My style of art and the mediums in which I work have changed and transformed significantly over time. From drawing with lead pencils to acrylic painting and now creating digital works on an iPad Pro. However, they have always embodied the exploration of emotion consistently motivated by my own self-expression. The iPad provided me a platform to create work quickly and more efficiently, allowing me the opportunity to make my art more accessible and easy to distribute and from there a simple hobby turned into a business. On the iPad, I began creating simple line drawings that took the form of a naked female figure. This form provided a visual representation of vulnerability- raw and stripped bare, to be seen in our most vulnerable human form. And so, from this one simple figure, many more followed and thus the illustrations of Noods Creative was born.

Hannah's art is so much fun, carefree, and full of emotion. She believes there is a 'Nood for every mood.' She explores the playful side of gender expression and shows that sense of self-confidence within themselves and how it can be shared with others. The Noodball is particularly one of our favourite pieces. The talent she shows by being able to intertwine those bodies and the linework involved, shows this emerging artist is one to look out for.

We are so pleased to be displaying Nood Creative's work in our gallery and as part of our Wild Women exhibition.

Check her out at:

Alternatively, you can check it out on the walls of the gallery or on our website at


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