Time: 7pm-late

Location: Vault 73, 73 Hunter St Newcastle

Age: open, 18+


How does it work?

Friday Mingle is a low-key relaxed way to meet some new friends and get your flirt on. A whole room full of single people ready to get out and meet new friends and lovers without the formality of a Speed Dating night. Just a good old fashioned meet and mingle. 

Arrive between 7-8pm and stay as long as you like. We will provide some small nibble plates but the Vault 73's menu is available all night if you want something more substantial. 

Vault 73 has an excellent selection of gins and local brews so come along and try what this charming little bar has to offer while you get to know some new people. 


The SEN philosophy?

Relationships of all kinds take work. They start with a spark of interest and are built by working together to find time for each other, having common interests to create something meaningful. They are not instant. They don't happen in a 5-second decision. They happen by giving people a chance.

SEN's philosophy is that all people have value and all people have something meaningful to contribute to a relationship and that those relationships don't have to be strictly romantic, they can be friendships, complicated friendships, true love. The people that you meet speed dating might not be your true love or might not fit your ideal list or tick all your boxes - but they might be cool and have lots in common and so if you make friends with them then you also have access to their whole friendship network. So speed dating with SEN isn't just about finding someone to date, it's about finding your people.

Friday Mingle - Flirty Fridays

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