Saturday 8th June






Sexy subversive revelry

A Traffic-light party, crossed with a masquerade ball, crossed with a music festival. Come revel.


Traffic Light Party

Everyone can come, different coloured wristbands so you can flirt (or not) with ease. If you're single you get a green wristband that says you're there for flirting, orange if you'd rather not say, and red if you're there as a couple - so you won't get hit on if you don't want to.

Masquerade Ball

Come dressed in black, white and/or red. You can wear a mask or not, full costume or not, but you must come in colour theme. There will be some masks available at the door to buy. Think red ball gowns, or black pants, white shirt, red tie. You must know the rules of formality in order to break the rules.

Music Carnival

Showcasing two stages with live bands and DJs, it's going to be huge!

Stage One is in the White Hall and features a full big band playing all your favourite songs all night so you can swirl your partner on the dancefloor, or just rock out solo.

Stage Two is in the Red Hall and hosts DJs playing dance tracks alongside firebreathers, exotic performers and other delights underneath the stained glass windows of the old church.



The Sen Ball is open to all people, it's not just a single's event. 


When you register at the door you'll get a colour-coded wrist band: if you're there as a single person and ready to get flirty, as part of a couple there to share the joys of the night with your pre-selected beloved, or as an ambiguous/unstated relationship status.


So you can comfortably bring all your people, no one is excluded, everyone is welcome to partake in the festival of delights.

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