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Social Events for Everyone

Dinners, games, hangs

Supported events to make friends and get out in the world

Board Games


Not especially arty? That's ok we got stuff for you too. ​

Our regular board game afternoons are designed to be a supported, chilled out social event to help you meet new people, build some community and get out in the world. They are not competitive, instead, they focus on helping each other build skills and have fun. 

We play all kinds of games - so you don't need to be a wordsmith or a mastermind at strategy. Every week we choose the games based on who is there and what you want to play. 


Social Dinners


Let's get fed!

Hosted at some of Newy's fave haunts we indulge in three courses of food while we chat with new people and expand our social worlds. We mix up the seating arrangements to make sure you get a chance to sit next to a couple of people through the night and provide conversational prompts and games so there's never a dull moment and you're not stuck twiddling your thumbs trying to figure out how to look cool. Just be you.


All ages welcome.  Dietary requirements are catered for if you give us enough notice. 


Making new friends


Making new friends as adults can be really hard. Your options are usually limited to work or hobbies and if you don't have social hobbies then what do you?

Sen's social events are designed to be welcoming for everyone. They're a great non-cliquey way of meeting a variety of new people and getting out in the world and expand your social horizons.

We're here for you with all kinds of activities and wholesome fun.

The first step to finding your people is putting yourself out in the world and meeting as many people as you can to find the ones that gel with you, that make you smile, that make you feel supported and happy. You find those people by being open to meeting all kinds of people and enjoying the chats with everyone along the way.


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Not just for singles


Sen started our event life with a focus on single people, but before Sen we ran the Spider Pigs which was intended for everyone to come and hang out. With our reframing, our events are going back to our social roots and are open to everyone. We believe that meaningful connections start with good chats and taking it from there, so if you start all new meetings with the idea that you're going to maybe make a new friend you'll be opening yourself up to a whole world of possible new connections, including romance, but also maybe a new BFF or maybe it's just to have some people to do something with on the weekend. 

Come make friends with us!

Upcoming Social Events

No upcoming events at the moment

What other people are saying...

Superb night! I met some really nice guys. Can't wait to go on some dates! Thanks for putting it on Milly.


- M. Female, 30s

Been to a couple of the mixers and had a really good night, talked to some truly lovely people. After the event we went on to a local pub to listened to a band and partied on. The host makes sure the event is safe and friendly and is helpful in getting people talking with each other.

-- I. Male, 50s

Thanks Milly, great night!

Also some small feedback on the venue - I’d been to a previous speed event of yours at the Depot venue - I found the layout and general feel of the monk venue much more friendly and laid back. 

I had a great time at both nights, either way, but figured I’d let you know I liked the change.

-- S. Male, 20s

Was a fun night. Nice people there and nice to meet you as well. The venue was perfect I thought. It was the first time I've tried speed dating but it was good fun and I'd definitely try it again. 

-- D. Male, 30s

Very well organised and lovely venue. Really enjoyed it. Thank you :) 

-- S

Great experience! Thank you :)

-- A.


Was a tip top night. Enjoyed the experience. Thank you kindly.

-- J

I attended a 30-40’s speed dating night back in December, and although nothing eventuated from it, I still had a great time and met some some really nice genuine people. My first thoughts on it all was that it was very well organised, and professionally run in a very relaxed environment.....I look forward to more events as such. And thankyou again Milly for doing a great job.

-- D. Male, 40s

So far I have been to a speed dating event and a singles mixer and have had a great time meeting new people. Milly is an awesome host and always makes everyone feel at ease. I am looking forward to my next singles mixer next week. 😊

-- S. Female, 50s

I'm 29 and I met my gf who is 38 there couldn't recommend this way of meeting a potential partner high enough!

-- K. Male, 20s

Great night out, I had a lot of fun and I would recommend this event for those who enjoy meeting new people. Everyone was friendly and its a good amount of time to work out if you would like to go on a date. Most the men were in the upper end of the age  bracket so if I went again I would go the age bracket below. I went on a lovely date with a man I wouldn't have met if I didn't give speed dating a crack so it was definately worth doing.

-- J. Female, 30s

I recently tried the Speed Dating in Newcastle. I had a fun time and met some cool people. Nothing came of it romantically but it was a great way of meeting new people as I'm originally from Sydney. I wouldn't say I'm a chatty person but I felt comfortable enough to converse through the event. I'd do it again. 😀

-- S. Male, 30s

Milly i love your events and love the passion you put into them. please don't stop being an amazing human being!

-- K. Female, 30s