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In-person dating currently on hold due to COVID-19. Please check out upcoming Online Dating Events

Sen's Speed Dating is person-centred and designed to be as friendly and approachable as possible.

Speed Dating is a great way to get out and meet new people. It's a dynamic and fun way to tell whether you have chemistry in person, can hold a conversation and "click".

How it works:


Arrive, sign in and get your name tag and drink token. Then you can get a drink, relax into the night with a few nibbles and start to meet some of the other attendees.



The dating kicks off once everyone arrives. Conversations last for 7 minutes and at the end of each conversation, one gender will stand up and move clockwise around to the next date. Everything is explained by your host at the beginning of the event. There is an intermission, which runs for about 15 minutes so everyone can refresh themselves and have some more nibbles, and then the dating recommences in the same format as above until finish.



At the end of each conversation, you mark 'yes' or 'no' next to the name of the person were just chatting with and at the end of the night you submit your match card, all filled in, to your host who will then play human tinder. If both you and your conversation partner have said 'yes' then it's a match and your host will give each of you the other's contact details.  If one or both of you say 'no' - it's not a match and no details will be sent. 

Matches will be sent out within 48 hours and then you take it from there!




Tick "YES" if you enjoyed chatting with that person. The 7 minutes should be long enough to tell if you can have a 30-minute conversation and if you had some level of connection – if that’s the case then say yes! Go for a coffee and see if you can have a longer chat and take it from there.

Tick "NO" if you didn't enjoy that person's company or if you didn't click at all and would rather not have another conversation or cup of coffee with them. 


Try not to judge the conversation based on whether you have instant chemistry, that's not what this is about. This is about making new connections, building networks and increase your chances of finding love by expanding your social exposure. Many people are very nervous and it's hard to make a good first impression if Speed Dating is way out of your comfort zone, so be kind to the people you're meeting, if they seem awks it's probably because they're nervous.


What other people are saying...

Superb night! I met some really nice guys. Can't wait to go on some dates! Thanks for putting it on Milly.


- M. Female, 30s

Been to a couple of the mixers and had a really good night, talked to some truly lovely people. After the event we went on to a local pub to listened to a band and partied on. The host makes sure the event is safe and friendly and is helpful in getting people talking with each other.

-- I. Male, 50s

I'm 29 and I met my gf who is 38 there couldn't recommend this way of meeting a potential partner high enough!

-- K. Male, 20s

Great night out, I had a lot of fun and I would recommend this event for those who enjoy meeting new people. Everyone was friendly and its a good amount of time to work out if you would like to go on a date. Most the men were in the upper end of the age  bracket so if I went again I would go the age bracket below. I went on a lovely date with a man I wouldn't have met if I didn't give speed dating a crack so it was definately worth doing.

-- J. Female, 30s

Was a fun night. Nice people there and nice to meet you as well. The venue was perfect I thought. It was the first time I've tried speed dating but it was good fun and I'd definitely try it again. 

-- D. Male, 30s

Thanks Milly, great night!

Also some small feedback on the venue - I’d been to a previous speed event of yours at the Depot venue - I found the layout and general feel of the monk venue much more friendly and laid back. 

I had a great time at both nights, either way, but figured I’d let you know I liked the change.

-- S. Male, 20s

Great experience! Thank you :)

-- A.


Was a tip top night. Enjoyed the experience. Thank you kindly.

-- J

Very well organised and lovely venue. Really enjoyed it. Thank you :) 

-- S

I attended a 30-40’s speed dating night back in December, and although nothing eventuated from it, I still had a great time and met some some really nice genuine people. My first thoughts on it all was that it was very well organised, and professionally run in a very relaxed environment.....I look forward to more events as such. And thankyou again Milly for doing a great job.

-- D. Male, 40s

So far I have been to a speed dating event and a singles mixer and have had a great time meeting new people. Milly is an awesome host and always makes everyone feel at ease. I am looking forward to my next singles mixer next week. 😊

-- S. Female, 50s

I recently tried the Speed Dating in Newcastle. I had a fun time and met some cool people. Nothing came of it romantically but it was a great way of meeting new people as I'm originally from Sydney. I wouldn't say I'm a chatty person but I felt comfortable enough to converse through the event. I'd do it again. 😀

-- S. Male, 30s

Milly i love your events and love the passion you put into them. please don't stop being an amazing human being!

-- K. Female, 30s

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