Speed Dating Bonanza!

Five age brackets
Eight couples per age bracket
One Big Day of Dating

What is a Speed Dating Bonanza?

Unlike Sen's standard speed dating events, our Speed Dating Bonanza days are a single day full of speed dating events. We are structuring them like this so that we can actually start having events again in a way that is as safe as possible - by having a space that is exclusively ours and not open to the general public, and keeping the setup costs as low as possible so we don't have to increase ticket prices by too much.


COVID means that we have had to DRAMATICALLY change the way we run any event, which means more expenses to run them - we have greater overheads, need more staff, have more equipment required to run them etc. But it also means we have a unique opportunity to provide you with an entirely new Speed Dating experience. Nibbles and drinks are provided within the ticket price. We think you're going to LOVE it so much that we're planning on using the new model going forward.


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Why Speed Dating?


Speed Dating is a great way to meet new people. It's a dynamic and fun way to tell whether you have chemistry, can hold a conversation and "click". It's about deciding whether or not you would like to go on a full date with someone without any pressure. Plus, you don't just meet new people of the gender you're looking for - there is time before the event kicks off and during intermission, for you to mingle with everyone there - so you can make all sorts of new friends. The idea is you don't have to spend days or weeks talking to someone online only to find out you don't click in person, instead, you can expand your network, meet a whole bunch of new people and know you're going to get along with someone even before your first date and all it costs you is 2 hours and the price of a dinner out.

How does it work?

  • You arrive and are greeted by the event host who will help you complete your registration.

  • Then you can get a drink (tea, coffee, softdrink provided), relax into the event with a few nibbles (on individual plates) and start to meet some of the other attendees. 

  • Dating starts once everyone arrives. Conversations last for 7 minutes and at the end of each conversation, one gender will stand up and move to the next spot. At the end of the 'dates', the host will collect all the 'match cards' with your decisions on them. Matches will be sent out within 48 hours and you take it from there!

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COVID Safety:

  • The venue is lovely and relaxed so each couple has their own little spot and aren't sitting on top of each other or in a line like an interview. 

  • The capacity is limited to one person per 4 square meters and the seating areas are spaced well over 1.5 meters apart for privacy during the chats and for safe distancing. Couples will be seated 1.5 metres apart from each other too. 

  • Face masks are available for all participants, hand sanitizer will be at every setting, which participants are encouraged to use and sanitize their hands in between each round.

  • Every person will receive their own folder with their paperwork, own pen, and any other equipment so there is no sharing. 

  • Disposable cups and plates will be used and individual pre-served portions for nibbles will be provided by our on-site chef so there will be no sharing.

  • Sen events will be following all current government regulations and do our best to maintain participant safety. Additionally, we are registering as a COVID-Safe business so you can rest assured that we will be doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.

  • Please help us in this by not coming to an event if you are showing symptoms. If you are showing symptoms and have bought a ticket, please contact us to discuss cancellation, refund or transfer of your ticket to a new date as soon as possible (standard cancellation conditions apply).


Each participant will receive their own match card to mark their yes or no answers on. Matches will be done from midday of the following day so no revisions can be made after that point. Matches will be sent out to you with the corresponding contact details within 24 hours of the event concluding.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

When to say 'yes' or 'no'?

Tick "YES" if you enjoyed chatting with that person. The 7 minutes should be long enough to tell if you can have a 30-minute conversation and have some level of connection - if that's the case, say "yes!". Go for a coffee and see if you can have a longer chat and take it from there. You can't tell enough about anyone in 7 minutes to tell if they'll be your one true love, all you can tell is if you can chat. Think of it as an audition for a first date.


Tick "NO" if you didn't enjoy that person's company or if you didn't click at all and would rather not have another conversation or cup of coffee with them. 

Don't be a Judgy McJudgerton

Try not to judge the conversation based on whether you have instant chemistry, that's not what this is about. This is about making new connections, building networks and increase your chances of finding love by expanding your social exposure. Many people are very nervous and it's hard to make a good first impression if Speed Dating is way out of your comfort zone, so be kind to the people you're meeting, if they seem awks it's probably because they're nervous.

The SEN philosophy?

Relationships of all kinds take work. They start with a spark of interest and are built by working together to find time for each other, having common interests to create something meaningful. They are not instant. They don't happen in a 5-second decision. They happen by giving people a chance.

SEN's philosophy is that all people have value and all people have something meaningful to contribute to a relationship and that those relationships don't have to be strictly romantic, they can be friendships, complicated friendships, true love. The people that you meet speed dating might not be your true love or might not fit your ideal list or tick all your boxes - but they might be cool and have lots in common and so if you make friends with them then you also have access to their whole friendship network. So speed dating with SEN isn't just about finding someone to date, it's about finding your people.

Upcoming Speed Dating Events

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Speed Dating - Age: 55-65
Sen's COVID-19 Safe Speed Dating Bonanza day! 5 age brackets | 8 couples per age bracket | One Big Day of Dating
Sat, Nov 14
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Speed Dating - Age: 43-56
Sen's COVID-19 Safe Speed Dating Bonanza day! 5 age brackets | 8 couples per age bracket | One Big Day of Dating
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Sat, Nov 14
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Speed Dating - Age: 35-45
Sen's COVID-19 Safe Speed Dating Bonanza day! 5 age brackets | 8 couples per age bracket | One Big Day of Dating
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Speed Dating - Age: 30-40
Sen's COVID-19 Safe Speed Dating Bonanza day! 5 age brackets | 8 couples per age bracket | One Big Day of Dating
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Sat, Nov 14
121 Tudor St
Speed Dating - Age: 28-35
Sen's COVID-19 Safe Speed Dating Bonanza day! 5 age brackets | 8 couples per age bracket | One Big Day of Dating

What other people are saying...

Superb night! I met some really nice guys. Can't wait to go on some dates! Thanks for putting it on Milly.


- M. Female, 30s

Been to a couple of the mixers and had a really good night, talked to some truly lovely people. After the event we went on to a local pub to listened to a band and partied on. The host makes sure the event is safe and friendly and is helpful in getting people talking with each other.

-- I. Male, 50s

Thanks Milly, great night!

Also some small feedback on the venue - I’d been to a previous speed event of yours at the Depot venue - I found the layout and general feel of the monk venue much more friendly and laid back. 

I had a great time at both nights, either way, but figured I’d let you know I liked the change.

-- S. Male, 20s

Was a fun night. Nice people there and nice to meet you as well. The venue was perfect I thought. It was the first time I've tried speed dating but it was good fun and I'd definitely try it again. 

-- D. Male, 30s

Very well organised and lovely venue. Really enjoyed it. Thank you :) 

-- S

Great experience! Thank you :)

-- A.


Was a tip top night. Enjoyed the experience. Thank you kindly.

-- J

I attended a 30-40’s speed dating night back in December, and although nothing eventuated from it, I still had a great time and met some some really nice genuine people. My first thoughts on it all was that it was very well organised, and professionally run in a very relaxed environment.....I look forward to more events as such. And thankyou again Milly for doing a great job.

-- D. Male, 40s

So far I have been to a speed dating event and a singles mixer and have had a great time meeting new people. Milly is an awesome host and always makes everyone feel at ease. I am looking forward to my next singles mixer next week. 😊

-- S. Female, 50s

I'm 29 and I met my gf who is 38 there couldn't recommend this way of meeting a potential partner high enough!

-- K. Male, 20s

Great night out, I had a lot of fun and I would recommend this event for those who enjoy meeting new people. Everyone was friendly and its a good amount of time to work out if you would like to go on a date. Most the men were in the upper end of the age  bracket so if I went again I would go the age bracket below. I went on a lovely date with a man I wouldn't have met if I didn't give speed dating a crack so it was definately worth doing.

-- J. Female, 30s

I recently tried the Speed Dating in Newcastle. I had a fun time and met some cool people. Nothing came of it romantically but it was a great way of meeting new people as I'm originally from Sydney. I wouldn't say I'm a chatty person but I felt comfortable enough to converse through the event. I'd do it again. 😀

-- S. Male, 30s

Milly i love your events and love the passion you put into them. please don't stop being an amazing human being!

-- K. Female, 30s

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