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Spider Pigs Meetup

Free social events for everyone

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Welcome to your new social group!


Come along and meet new friends in a safe and supportive environment. 


The Spider Pigs are a free social networking Meetup group in Newcastle. We have thousands of members, from all walks of life, so you are bound to meet people you click with. This is a group to make new friends. It is not a singles group.


We have an event most weekends at different venues across Newcastle with usually 20-40 members in attendance. If you're new to town and want to see what the city has to offer, or if you'd like to branch out and widen your social network, then we would love to see you there.


ALL people are welcome. There is no restrictions on age, gender, culture or orientation. The only requirement is that you bring kindness with you. 


The Spider Pigs


The Spider Pigs has been providing free social gatherings to Newcastle since 2015. It has always been kept separate from the Sen Events because we didn't want the lines to be blurred between singles events and general social events. But we're now bringing them under the one umbrella because Sen has become so much more than just singles. 

These events are free for anyone to join and attend - we provide a volunteer host on the night to help grease the social wheels, you get your own drinks and food. 

When we say everyone is welcome, we mean everyone. You are likely to interact with all kinds of people, many you wouldn't normally meet or socialise with so it's important to keep an open mind.

The Events

Attendance is free. All people welcome. 

Friday & Saturday events start at 6.30 pm, Sundary Arvo sessions start at 2.30pm and run until everyone goes home or they kick us out.


Arrive when you like, leave when you like, drink and eat as much or as little as you like.


All upcoming events and changes to events are listed at:


Head on over to become a member and join in the discussions and attend events. Can't wait to see you there!



Our Costs

While attendance is and always will be free, many people don't realise it actually costs us money to run these events. We pay meetup a hosting fee to meetup.com and our base cost each year as a starting point is about $300. Additionally, many venues charge us to make bookings, and the volunteer team who run it (known as the Alpha Pigs) not only have to attend even if we don't feel like it, we also have to pay for our drinks, food and transport on the night regardless of whether or not we can really afford it that week. So, this year we're asking for contributions from members who can afford to support the group (even if it's only a small amount) so that the running costs can be shared between all the people who enjoy attending.

If we receive more money than we need to cover our base costs this amount will either roll into covering the next year, or be used to throw a big end of year party.

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